Oh, you actually wanted to know more

I lean more toward introverted than extroverted, but my husband is extroverted enough for the both of us. My day job is in communications, and I pride myself on clear communications with my clients. 

I am a mother of three hooligans who are my favorite photo subjects.

I am the eldest of five siblings, which makes me the boss (they do not agree). 

My husband and I own a nearly 150 acre piece of property that I plan to use sections of as outdoor studio space. Daydreaming (and pinteresting) ideas for photo sessions there are some of my favorite things.

In my non-existent free time, I enjoy reading and planning weekend trips. I do not enjoy cleaning and no one would call me a good housekeeper, however, I feel that my winning personality makes up for the fact that I am a slob. 

I have a strong interest in destination senior shoots and plan to add more and further destinations each year.

I am not currently accepting new newborn or wedding sessions, except for current clients. However, my profile photo was taken by my photography bestie, Shelby Chante Photography, and she is a fabulous wedding and newborn photographer.